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Quality Pallets For Sale in Essex

Are you looking for pallets in Essex? We are an authentic company that can provide you with a variety of pallets, H & J Pallets are here for you.


We understand that each of our clients each has their own demands. This is why we take great pride in providing each of our clients with a wide range of pallets. When looking for a company that can meet all of your requirements, including your budget, is key.


Wooden pallets in Essex and what you can use them for


Our clients typically choose to purchase pallets from H & J Pallets because we have unbeatable customer service. Whether you are a domestic or commercial client, we have a solution for you. Perhaps you are looking at transporting valuable and fragile goods overseas or you are looking at undertaking a DIY project at home such as building planters or constructing some cost-effective garden furniture – H & J Pallets has the most reliable pallets in Essex.


Commercial Clients


  • Ensuring products are transported safely

  • Displaying produce in stores

  • Storing and transporting products and materials at your business premises

  • Storing materials and products in warehouses and construction sites



Domestic Clients


  • Constructing DIY garden furniture

  • Building wooden planters or herb gardens

  • Constructing bookshelves, shoe racks and similar storage facilities.


For all pallets that we supply to our clients, we ensure to provide an outstanding service. No matter the complexity of your requirements, here at H & J Pallets we will guarantee to meet them all.

Why are H & J Pallets superior?

Whether you are completing a DIY project at home or you own your own business and are needing to display the stock, H & J Pallets offer a wide range of pallets for sale in Southend. We understand that choosing a company you can rely on upon without breaking the bank is key, especially with the current way of the world now. Pallets are used in a wide range of ways, across a wide range of businesses and on a daily basis an astronomical amount of pallets are used. Typically, pallets are used to transport goods as well as used to display goods within a business. Ensuring that we can provide each of our customers with reliable pallets is key, so whether you are looking for pallets to display stock on or you are looking to complete a DIY project at home using pallets, H & J Pallets has you covered.

Types of Pallets Available at H & J Pallets:

Do H & J Pallets supply heat-treated pallets in Essex?


Why are heat-treated pallets so important?


  • Storing and transporting materials on construction sites

  • Constructing garden-wear, such as pallet tables and chairs and fences

  • Transporting goods in and out of the European Union


Typically, heat-treated pallets are the most common style of pallets purchased as they have many leading benefits.


What are the beneficial properties of heat-treated pallets?


  • Low risk of becoming damaged due to high temperatures and fire

  • High enduringness

  • Improved resistance to decaying

  • Strong properties

  • Minimise the chances of damage


All of our heat-treated pallets are made from high-grade wood while exposing the wood to heat so that the pallets can guarantee that they have strong properties that have the integrity to withstand high temperatures so that they are left highly durable. Ensuring that the pallets are heat treated, you can check the pallets for a stamp marking saying ‘HT’, this will be next to the year in which the pallets were manufactured.


Do H & J Pallets supply Grade A pallets?


In short, Yes – H & J Pallets provide a wide range of Grade A pallets. They are the highest quality recycled pallets that provide you with an outstanding solution. Deciding what grade of pallets suits each of your requirements is essential, as you do not want to purchase the wrong graded pallets and your products and materials are transported and stored safely. Grade A pallets will have minimal imperfections and only minor discolouration, as well as will have either none or bare minimal repairs previously completed. Most commonly, if our clients have grocery stores or markets, Grade A pallets will be the chosen grade of pallet. This is down to their high quality as well as great aesthetic appeal.


Do H & J Pallets provide Grade B pallets in Essex?


For the majority of our clients, if they are not looking at display produce on pallets, they will opt for Grade B pallets. There are many leading benefits as to why our clients choose Grade B pallets, although they have slight evidence of use and minimal damage, they still have their strong structural integrity. Although minimal repairs will have been undertaken for Grade B pallets, they are still the most common choice.


Are Grade C pallets available to purchase from H & J Pallets?


Grade C pallets are a common purchase for those wishing to undertake DIY projects that require pallets. This grade of pallet will have had a large selection of repairs already completed and this will include the replacement of most or if not, all of the stringers meaning supplement stringers will be introduced. Typically this grade of pallets will be used if you are wishing to complete a DIY project. Where it is not an issue if the pallets have an inconsistent thickness, sizing or spacing.

What are the benefits of purchasing pallets?

There are many reasons as to why purchasing pallets is the most reliable solution when needing pallets. Although many businesses leave pallets outside their premises with the option for people to take them as they please, you do not have the security of purchasing pallets from a reliable merchant. Each of our pallets is graded, meaning that we can guarantee the grade of the pallet before you purchase them. We offer a wide selection of pallets for a range of customers and with an abundance of years within the industry, we know we can provide you with an A* service.


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