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H & J Pallets are a well-established, reputable pallet supplier for Basildon and all of the surrounding areas. We take great pride in providing quality services, including the sale of pallets and fast delivery. Situated in Basildon, we can ensure to provide all of our customers a truly marvellous service. As a company, we have all the required safety check certificates that are essential to ensure that we can provide an unbeatable service. We also take great pride in ensuring that we take on board each of our customers’ concerns into consideration to ensure a first-class service.

Our experts here at H & J Pallets, have an abundance of years within the industry between us. We can provide pallets of all shapes and sizes for both commercial and domestic customers.

Why are H & J Pallets superior?

By restoring old and damaged pallets and purchasing pallets from those who no longer need them, we can rebuild and refurbish pallets and sell them to our customers at a low cost price. We take pride in not minimising the strength and structural integrity of all pallets that we supply. H & J Pallets can provide you with a wide range of sizes and styles to meet each of your needs, while also providing a fast delivery.

We understand the stress of trying to find a reliable company to supply you with pallets. Whether you are looking for pallets to use within your business to display the stock. Or you need a large range of pallets to deliver stock to your clients. Perhaps you are looking to complete some DIY works and using recycled pallets would be the best option for you - H & J Pallets have all the answers for you.

Types of Pallets Available at H & J Pallets:

There are many aspects that are taken into consideration when pallets are being graded. Our experts can provide you with an abundance of knowledge and expertise to ensure that the pallets that we provide you are exactly what purpose you need to use them for.


Typically, this style of pallet would be used by retailers. Grade A pallets are usually used on the shop floor so that they can display products for their customers to buy products from. Most commonly they are used in the food manufacture and supplier industry. They are typically the cleanest recycled pallets that are available on the market. Grade A pallets are readily available and although have similar specifications as Grade B pallets, they have an overall more attractive appearance than Grade B pallets. Although the biggest similarity between Grade A and Grade B pallets is that they have not had any repairs to the stringers. Grade A pallets have typically had fewer cycles than Grade B pallets.


Grade B pallets are a cost-effective solution for those looking for pallets that are not needing to be in spic-and-span condition. Most commonly, although they have fewer transfer cycles, they do typically have slight marketing, chips, cracks and general wear and tear damage. Grade B pallets have a considerable lower retail price as opposed to Grade A Pallets. They are primarily used within warehouses or shipping goods when the pallet will typically not be returned.


Grade C pallets, also known as Grade 3 pallets are the lowest tier of pallets. Usually, they will have a poorer appearance and may not be structurally sound. Most commonly, they will have had multiple repairs and the deck boards may not have structural integrity. Usually, this graded pallet is not offered to those wishing to transport goods or display products. They will be sold to those who are wishing to use the pallets for more DIY projects. Although this grade of pallet can be used for those who are wanting to transport non-valuable or goods that are not easily damaged.

Heat Treated Pallets for sale in Basildon

Are you looking for heat-treated wooden pallets for sale in Basildon? Then H & J Pallets have the ability to provide you with a wide range of options. All heat-treated pallets go through a process. This is where they are heated to a core temperature of 140 degrees for a minimum timeframe of 30 minutes. During the heating process, any insects or larva will be killed off and the pallets are then able to be reused to ship goods internationally. This is a requirement for any pallets that are being sent overseas. The pallets will then be stamped with a globally recognized stamp which allows effective and efficient transportation for a wide selection of goods.


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